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Nittaku Renanos Hold

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IE Rubber Innovation.

Using IE(Integrated Energy) technology as a base. Rubber molecule is more active by Active Charge technology. Renanos Hold makes a breakthrough in spin and speed of table tennis sport. You can feel the comfortable feeling of holding the ball.

Customer Reviews

21/02/2018 Out of left field Review by Geoffrey Alter
I am constantly reading reviews and this rubber had never peaked my interest. When I bought my Acoustic, TT11 recommended this rubber for my FH instead of the Fastarc G-1 which I like and feel comfortable with. I am glad they did. It is fast, but not Tenergy fast. It has a grippy top sheet which makes serving and top spins a dream. The sound is loud and powerful. It is very repulsive, so until I learnt to control my bat angle, I flew a lot of balls off the end of the table. Once adjusted, it has become a great weapon. Thus far it seems durable, which is also a great attribute. Highly recommended for intermediate to advanced players. Pros and high level players will most likely want more speed. For me, it is perfect.
06/02/2018 Quick, spinny, linear, not for beginners Review by Vladimir Shastin
I use max sponge for both sides. Blade - Nittaku Violin.

This rubber can produce very quick (flat or spinny) attacking shots and tricky serves, but you must be careful with incoming spin.

You can notice crack and splits on edges after two or three months of intense playing.

24/08/2017 Good rubber Review by Keat Chea
Good rubber
14/03/2017 good rubber Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
Good control and amazing spin but I didn't like the feeling
23/03/2016 Good rubber Review by Keat Chea
Good rubber.
24/12/2015 Very good rubber for control Review by alvin tso
Very good all round rubbers with plenty of feel. Should get better as you get to know more about it.
09/03/2015 Good attacking qualities Review by Tomas Alsiö
Im not sure about this yet. good top spin attack and blocking against loop. I got a bit sensitive to incomming spin with this and im not sure this one will stay one.
12/01/2015 Both sides Review by Oliver Mecseri
i play it on the backhand, and it is just like T05fx. A little more spin, a little more control, same blocks. Drives, loops, smashes are perfect.
05/12/2014 Feeling rubber. Review by Elmo Salmela
This is fast (soft) rubber with extremely good grip. Rubber enables your full stroke arsenal with extreme good spin without losing control. quite normal weight rubber.

Speed: 9/10 (One of the fastest soft rubbers i have played.)
Spin: 10/10 (Best grip/spin rubber i have ever tried.)
Control: 9/10 (Control in this rubber is always there whatever you are trying to do.)
Overall feeling: 9,5/10 (Only minus for this rubber is that it makes you think that you are better player than you actually are. :) I recomment this rubber to everybody who likes soft rubbers.
17/11/2014 Monster-spin rubber! Review by Ulf Beckman
Wanted to try this for 2 years, and wasnt dissapointed at all. Really fast, non Tensor, made in Japan rubber.

The smell of the rubber and the sponge is a hint that this is the same sponge as Stiga Calibra-series.

Its made in the same factory. BUT, whereas Stiga the Stiga rubber fails on the spin-department, this one succeed big time!

A very grippy and semi-tacky surface produce a ridicilous spin on service, loops and topspin.

One of the best out there!

Speed 92/100
Spin 97/100
22/10/2014 Excellent rubber Review by Aleksej Kolga
Using it (2.0 thickness) as a FH rubber on Nittaku Rutis and it is very good feeling.
14/07/2014 good spin and control Review by MUSTAFA YILDIRIM
very good in BH side
25/06/2014 Perfect fit for my FH Review by Mucver
Its perfect for my fh on liu shiwen blade.
i use 2,0 and it can do anything you want
28/11/2013 Nice control and spin Review by Angus
Medium hard rubber. Lots of spin and good control! Not cheap but great quality. I use 1.8 but may upgrade next time to 2mm, but this is a good start for me as I have been out of the game for a while
15/10/2013 fantastic Review by Natalya Bagryantseva
Изумительная накладка. Довольно липкая (эффект не пропадает от использования). Позволяет играть в китайском и европейском стиле. Не тензор, линейная, но летит хорошо. Не тяжёлая. Обрез под голову 157х150
весит 45 гр. Верхний резиновый слой не любит защитных плёнок, крошится через несколько месяцев. Губка ходит хорошо.
06/09/2013 Polyvalent rubber Review by Adrien Scoarnec
Medium hard touch, less spinny than tenergy but very good. Medium high throw angle, very good control, not very dynamic. This is a very polyvalent rubber with a big power reserve. It's better for FH.
06/09/2013 Best Backhand Rubber I've Ever Used Review by James A.
This is the best backhand rubber I've ever used.
Here are the main points:
1. It is very light and soft.
2. It does not react much to incoming spin.
3. It has a low throw angle making blocking very easy
4. Pushes are also easy

The only down fall is that it is a little difficult to lift the first ball
Nittaku Renanos Hold