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Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3

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Rubber type : inverted
A high quality and consistent version of Hurricane 3 that utilizes a Japanese sponge. With this edition of Hurricane, fast attacks and loop drives close to the table are as effective as ever.

Customer Reviews

10/05/2017 the best! Review by Alexander Kuleshov
Excellent ruber for any sportsmens, who play in the china style
08/03/2017 Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Review by Ponger
Nice quality control on that rubber. Thick is stamped as 1.9mm but looks more like 2.1mm. The sponge is DHS #20, 39 deg.
It's slower than DHS H3 Neo.
Typical chinese rubber that needs boosting.
Nittaku H3 Neo or DHS H3 Neo are better choices in my opinion.
03/09/2015 GOOD Review by Giovanni Sartori
06/08/2015 Weak Review by Andry johnson
Good quality but slower than neo H3 commercial.
15/04/2014 FH rubber for choppers Review by Jack Smith
If you are a chopper and looking for an defensive rubber good in chopping and counter attacks, then this rubber is just for you. Flexible version of the classical (oldest) chinese H3 commercial.
20/11/2013 Okay Rubber Review by zach
Its faster than normal hurricane 3 commercial and is kind of like commercial national hurricane 3, but lacks the dwell time and glossy top sheet of real national hurricane 3 from professionals. Over all its non tacky more mechanical grip than anything else but slow rubber unless tuned because it was made for speed glue.
06/02/2013 generally the product is good Review by Laura
it is said that hurricane 3 pro is faster than chinese dhs commersial version but i dont feel too many changes; i dont know where is the problem, my techniques are ok but it feels slow for me, is it because i just used it for one time and because for the first time it was too sticky so the speed slowed down? i dont have time to play but then i came home i found that the rubber became a little bit faster. i mean i take a ball and it bounces 8times while at the first time when i just opend it it bounced only 1 time. thanx.
Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3