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Nittaku Goriki Kaisoku

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Rubber type : inverted
The Nittaku Goriki Kaisoku is an inverted rubber that shares characteristics with short pips. This rubber has been designed for smashing, flat hitting, and driving. Intended for an aggressive playstyle, it is suited for players looking to play quickly close to the table. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

03/01/2019 Lacks some spin, speed good, unusual Review by Ulf & Linnea Beckman
This rubber need some playtime (3-4) hours) because it is a little strange thing. High class as always with Nittaku, but it seems there are many rubbers that are just like this in the way of play.

When I saw, what, a Goriki-rubber! Must be a Tenergy, MX, Rasanter-killer because of the 200+ euro that the blades cost- I'm afraid it is not that. But a rubber that is remind of little older rubbers, like Stiga Boost, Genesis without tack, and other Japanese rubbers. I don't say I don't like it, it's okay and more, but it has been done so many times before. There is not enough spin(at least for me, that plays a spin-oriented play, but for flat-hitters, good youngsters and so, it is great. It is very fast, therefore shame of lack of spin for me.
Spin: 8.6
Speed: 9.3
Grade: 8.7
Nittaku Goriki Kaisoku