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Nittaku Goriki

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number of layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 100
type : ALL-
thickness (mm) : 4.9
Exclusive blade for long pimples players. Large blade 160x154 mm and heavy weight make blocking very confident and reliable. Limited edition and custom order. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

14/03/2017 OX and Giriki Review by Maurizio Salvadori
This is the best blade who i bought for play with OX long pimples rubber.
Excellent control, fantastic in block against top spin and very comfortable in chop or on transition changing def-attack.
11/02/2015 best Review by jiho
This blade is good blade. if you're defensive player.
Good control, powerful attack blade.
15/08/2014 Very good Review by serge Lambert
This blade is the best blade if you play with long pimples. You will have a very good control with a high speed.

Thank you tabletennis11

Nittaku Goriki