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Nittaku Fastarc C-1

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Nittaku describes the C-1 as an offensive rubber, which provides high speed, ideal arc, and powerful top spin. The concept of C-1 is “catch-first” and it features a “Tension Spin topsheet and Soft Strong sponge”. The Fastarc C-1 was designed to integrate the speed performance of S-1 and the spin performance of G-1 into one balanced rubber that has excellent control.

Customer Reviews

06/12/2017 Reliable rubber for my backhand Review by Jason C
I found Fastarc c1 to be in between the classic rubber tier (Sriver, Mark V) and the high performance tier (Tenergy, etc). I think it is a good choice if you don't know what you want since it does most shots adequately e.g. loop, push, block, etc. Not blazingly fast but it's a good enough match for my Carbonado 145. Has a surprising amount of spin (more than Rozena, less than Tenergy 80/G1) and medium arc. This will likely be my go to backhand rubber if my EJ-ing days ever come to an end. While a little boring it is reliable and will at least meet you halfway.
26/01/2016 good rubber Review by ilkay Demiralay
good rubber my BH
01/07/2015 Great product Review by Thomas V
Not the fastest rubber, but really great control for spins and looping.
25/06/2015 red color C-1 Review by STEPHEN CHOW
top rubber sheet is shinny,transparent and soft comparing to the last C-1 ,which has tenergy like top sheet, matt,opaque and crisp.It lacks the quick,solid response of the last C-1 close at table,and has a higher arc at looping.
It feels more like S-1 to me . I prefer the last c-1 i have.
22/06/2015 Jack of all trades Review by michael wilke
On the soft side, does everything well. You can put it both sides and have only small compromises
04/12/2014 Very good rubber Review by abheesh kotnala
One of the best rubbers i have played with. good control. great speed and spin.
05/09/2014 very good rubber!! Review by janepob puthikarun
very good rubber!!
05/09/2014 Good Review by Lipka
Very nice rubber to play with - fast and spiny. Can be used for the forehand and backhand.
16/07/2014 wonderful Review by MUSTAFA YILDIRIM
topspin and shoots ara wonderful
07/06/2014 Very Good Review by Attawit
Balance on spin, speed and control
02/07/2013 väga viis Review by Marek Kotkas
Eriti eeskätt surumisel väga hea.Tõeliselt kiire.Kauaaegsel sparringupartneril tekkisid kohe probleemid kohanemisega.Alguses tundus,et tagantkätt mängides pole nii hea kui võiks.Hiljem analüüsides leidsin,et pigem on eksimistes süüdi minu aeglane käsi(palli ärapõrge kummi pinnalt liiga kiire).Kui keskendusin randme ja kogu käe kiirusele, hakkasid ka tagantkäe surumised õnnestuma.
Ostuga rahul!
19/06/2013 9 Review by Werner Gunz
The sponge of the rubber is very good, good spin development. The rubber plays very controlled with good Geschwindigkeit.Die grip is very good and you can execute precise shots. A very good forehand covering.
'm Very happy with it.
Nittaku Fastarc C-1