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Nittaku Alhelg SR

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The Nittaku Alhelg SR came into being by combining a Japanese top sheet with a bright red sponge from China. With this rubbers catapult effect and feeling of control, it is perfect for attacking top-spin attacks while standing farther away from the table.

Customer Reviews

21/06/2018 Intro Level Rubber or Experts best weapon. Review by Zane Cundiff
Flat hitters dream. Was not a good FH rubber. Tried to continue on FH, later relegated to BH, only good close to the table. Med throw, very short and somewhat spinny on fluid long strokes. It requires breaking in time to actually reach its potential. Perhaps it may work better on an All Round blade. Not a rubber I would go back to, but it may work for shorter, closer to the table players.
09/11/2016 Borracha estável e rápida Review by Gilmar Garbugio
Achei a borracha NITTAKU Alhelg SR muito estável e rápida e com bom controle. Porém os efeito spin poderia ser melhor.
Nittaku Alhelg SR