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Neottec Neoplast Pro 40+ 60pcs (seam) Japan


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The Neottec Training Pro plastic ball is made in Japan. This is the first ball that combines Japanese quality of manufacturing with an affordable price.

Customer Reviews

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25/02/2019 Excellent Practice Balls Review by Michael (Mike) Dumler
Bounce and Feel like 3 star ball - retains roundness, and is very durable. Highly recommended!
21/01/2019 excellent value for money Review by pereira
These are excellent balls for training. Closely resemble Nittaku 3* balls in terms of speed. They are however only 25% of the cost. The downside of these balls is that they seem to be less durable. 1 ball lasts me about two intense 3hour training sessions. So total lifetime is about 6hours. nittaku 3*** do seem to last longer, though I don't use them often due to the cost.
26/04/2018 Great balls Review by alon shaltiel
Bounces well and holds for a long while before breaking.
09/10/2017 These are a great training Ball Review by Michael (Mike) Dumler
Purchased the Neoplast Pro 40+ for a friend who coaches and uses them for training. He gave me one to try and I was impressed with the quality and durability. This is the best training ball in both his and my opinion.
Neottec Neoplast Pro 40+ 60pcs (seam) Japan