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Joola Samba Plus


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Rubber type : inverted
The JOOLA Samba plus sets new standards in development of soft rubbers with incorporated speed glue effect. Experience the special Samba feeling: - Original pure speed glueing feeling - Long durability - Playing feeling in every situation - Super sound - Spin and rotation at the table and from half distance - just a real JOOLA Samba! Strategy DEF extreme/OFF extreme Speed fast Spin extra high Control extra high

Customer Reviews

15/10/2018 Positives and Negatives! Review by Jake Kells
Excellent Rubber functionality wise. Offers safety in even the most aggressive topspin strokes with a medium / high throw angle. Generates great spin and is great for close to the table play and medium distance rallies.

Durability wise it's lacking in my opinion. In terms of rubber cutting it's very difficult to get a precise cut with the softness of the sponge. Meaning on occasion it's not a level and neat cut all the way around.

10/05/2017 очень мягкая резина Review by Igor Golovlev
хороший контроль, средняя скорость, хороший спин и звук, квадрат весит 55 г, на жестких основаниях очень сильно пробивается
Joola Samba Plus