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Joola Rhyzm-P


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Rubber type : inverted
P like precision, P like professional, P like Poly-ball. GeoGrip-Power-Technology is used - this develops significantly more grip of the ball for more spin due to an intense friction surface structure. Find out for yourself, use the P's in your game and become even more successful! RHYZM - on the market for 2 years and already nearly a classic! The focus fell on development and improvement of the sponge up until now, whereas here a much improved rubber surface has been precisely worked upon. This has leaded to the rubber having substantially more grip, with which not only more spin can be generated, but also better control and the durability is improved. Ideal also for use with the new Poly-ball. Speed EXTREME Spin EXTRA HIGH Control HIGH Hardness 45°

Customer Reviews

21/06/2018 Good but nothing special Review by BMX2
Good but nothing special
06/02/2018 Blazing speed Review by JEAN ANDROUTSOS
I have it FH on a Xiom Feel ZX3 and it is absolutely a BOMB! There is no tackiness. Top sheet is soft and sponge is rather hard. I like the combo. However, it has taken me a long time (more than a month now) to gradually come to terms with the speed it delivers. I have found that the spin is proportional to the speed somehow. What I mean is that the heavier the hit the more speed and spin created at the same time (more of a "bell" curve). Quite impressive indeed! Not too good on serving for me, as it tends to push the ball too far.
Great offensive FH rubber!!!
09/01/2018 Super good rubber but not for all styles Review by Rodolfo Martinez
This rubber is super and fantastic! Good effect (nothing special)
Good for flick (FH and BH; chiquita and boomerang flick)
Not so good in flat hit, if you don't brush the ball it will go to the net.
*Im a modern defender* For chopping its pretty good. In this area the rubber shines, chops charged with super backspin but there are some other rubbers that can create more spin in chopping tho.
Not to sensitive to spin
11/12/2017 Latvija Review by Sergejs Kritenko
Наладка супер стоит справа на П.корбель европа игра 2-3 зона топсы скорость.у стола подрезка и контроль хорошо пока износа нет стоит 2 месяца спасибо тт в очередной раз
22/11/2017 Excellent Review by mohamed abouelkheir
07/11/2017 Great Speed and Spin Review by Muhammad Abdullah Khan
Totally justified its ratings of speed and spin.
08/08/2017 Fast and spinny Review by Bayu Sampurno
I put it on DHS PG 7 bat, it's a bit too fast for me, thus the control is only fair, not really good. Spin is fantastic.
31/07/2017 Very nice rubber at a decent price Review by arpit pathak
Good dwell time and amazing control and speed. Currently using it on the Rossi emotion blade good set up
28/03/2017 rhyzm p Review by Kamran Zahid
Experience is great. great spin speed and control. still waiting to explore it as i have removed the rubber on otherside of balde.
07/03/2017 good power & spin Review by Gabor Eliash
good power & spin but really low through,too low for me on petr korbel blade. i will try it on another blade of mine(don't know yet which one..)fast delivery- thank you TT11!
25/03/2016 Looks great rubber Review by ALTAF JIWANI
Well that liked it and the other players liked it too that's why given 5 stars for it
25/03/2016 Very nice rubber Review by ALTAF JIWANI
It's very nice rubber and I loved it and lots of players liked it that's why given 5 stars
Joola Rhyzm-P