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Joola Maxxx-P


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JOOLA MAXXX°, the rubber with the triple X: maXXXimum power, maXXximum spin, maXXXimum control. P like precision, P like professional, P like Poly-ball GeoGrip- Power-Technology is used - this develops significantly more grip of the ball for more spin due to an intense friction surface structure. Due to it being a slightly softer version with a sponge hardness of 42,5°, the MAXXX-P is ideal for ambitioned players, who lay emphasis on control and ball feeling. Speed EXTREME Spin EXTRA HIGH Control HIGH Hardness 42,5°

Customer Reviews

13/12/2017 Spinn, control and speed.. Review by Per Bertilsson
Great control for its speed. Great spinn with new stiga optima polyball.. I use long pips OX on backhand, and use maxxx-p 1,8 mm on forehand for suprise attack with smash and loop.
Combined with yasaka sweden classic i have found the perfect combo
23/03/2017 5 Stars product Review by Hugues Lapointe
Very very good product !
Thanks Joola !!
07/02/2017 Excellent rubber Review by Johnxo
This has solid grip suitable for any side. Definetly worth trying
30/01/2017 New FH rubber Review by DRAGOS HAIDUC
On Stiga Allround Classic WRB. Excellent ball fell, spin, power and speed for my level.
21/12/2016 Good BH Rubber Review by Andy Lee
I have used this on Backhand. The spin drops after a few session but once or twice my opponent still can't return my backspin ball well. it is a reasonable good rubber. Quite like it when using it for opening loop and backhand pushes.
14/08/2016 Nice Product !! Review by Alexander Leibovich
Прекрасная накладка ! Очень рекомендую , как любителям , так и продвинутым игрокам. Неповторимо в сочетании с Donic Li Ping KITEX.
Благодарю работников за грамотную и быструю работу !
14/04/2016 very nice rubber Review by alaa mansour
that is second rubber for the same sore very nice rubber have power and spiny
17/03/2016 Amaizing Review by bashar yamak
Amaizing BH rubber highly recommended
25/02/2016 Good Value Review by M Kam
Excellent rubbers for new balls.
09/01/2016 spinny rubber Review by alaa mansour
great rubber with spin and great control
18/12/2015 优势:全能且细腻,旋转尤为突出 劣势:绝对速度稍慢 Review by gaosworld2015
重量稍微重一点,配在LATIKA CARBON的反手,重量刚好合适。
21/05/2015 Joola Maxx-P Review by MK
Excellent BH rubber for the new poly ball. Good speed & control.
01/05/2015 nice Review by Dino Midzic
Nice rubber, great spin and control
Joola Maxxx-P