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Gewo Hype KR Pro 47.5

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Rubber type : inverted
Hype KR Pro 47.5 is the next-stage rubber of the GEWO Hype series. In this rubber, the performance and playing characteristics of the Hype XT series were developed to the next level in cooperation with Korean table tennis legend Yoo Nam Kyu. In 1988, Yoo Nam Kyu became the first Olympic gold medalist in table tennis in his home capital of Seoul – In 1989, he became world champion. He was the national coach of South Korea, one of the major table tennis nations in the world, for 10 years, and continues to be a national hero in his home country.

Customer Reviews

08/05/2018 Great except durability Review by Umut Ozkalyoncuoglu
This rubber suits my game, I use it on both wings. I am in love with it, but there is only one problem with it; which is you have to change your rubber after 50 hours of play related with the arc issue. After 50 hours, the trajection dramatically changes and it goes to the net when you have fast spin on the ball, reactions and arc changes. Especially the arc become a major problem. Buttt... If you don't care about changing your rubbers in 1.5 months, it is lovely in serve and receive, less sensitive to the incoming spin. sooo easy to place any ball on the table, so easy to have a short service. It depends on how much you give as energy. So, it is all about your energy transfer. The trajectory is medium-low. The blocks are easier. Control is high on active blocks. I love it except the durability.
30/12/2017 Good for looping Review by Phinyawat Thummanon
Easy to looping
05/09/2017 nice spin Review by tomo
nice spin and fast attack
Gewo Hype KR Pro 47.5