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Friendship 729 Dr. Evil

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Rubber type : short pips
The perfect for chopping, this short pips rubber will completely eliminate your opponent's spin, and send it back to him completely inert.

Customer Reviews

14/08/2018 Cheap and not playable rubber Review by Igors Peskovs
I don’t like this rubber,bad quality and game charasteristics
09/07/2018 Good chopping Short pip Review by Yap Chun
Very versatile rubber. Used 0.5mm sponge on bkhand. I like the chop feeling. Dr Evil simply the easiest short pip to play with.
16/02/2018 интересная Review by Igor Golovlev
короткие шипы без губки. Резина немного напоминает мягкий линолиум , но тянется, довольно медленная , интересно играть на мягких основаниях в защите, но при возможности можно и хорошо пробить
16/05/2017 High control short pip rubber Review by Todd Guay
I've been playing with short pips on my backhand for many years. My playing style is a close to the table, hitting game, and short pips gives me the control I need to both hit and throw in a bit of deception when warranted. I bought my first sheet of Dr. Evil as a joke. Many of the players at my club were using anti-spin or long pips to up their game on the deception side, and I was using boring old short pips. When I saw the rubber was named Dr. Evil, and was not very expensive, I thought I'd throw it on my old blade and pick on the anti-spin and long pip players a bit.

One interesting thing about Dr. Evil is that it has no sponge. When the rubber arrived and I put it on my blade, I quickly realized this rubber was quite different from other short pips I'd used. First of all, I normally use a fairly thick glue. With Dr. Evil, this caused lines in the rubber from where I'd applied it. After a re-do with a thinner glue, I was good to go.

At the time, my back up blade was a Xiom Strato with Gewo Nanoflex Ft48 2.1 on the forehand. With the Dr. Evil on my backhand, I found that I could hit the ball quite hard, with good consistency and control. I seemed to have better control than my earlier short pip rubbers that had sponge, and as a bonus, I found that Dr. Evil was very evil when blocking the ball. I was able to return the ball with either no spin or side spin with ease. Blocking strong loops sends the ball back like a knuckle ball in baseball. Counter loop that!

What I've lost with the switch to Dr. Evil is my ability to spin the racket during game play. With a fast, spinney inverted rubber on the forehand, Dr. Evil is just too different to spin the racket - it messes up my shot more than it impacts the other player if I manage to get it over the net. I consider this a fair trade given the higher level of control, flat hitting, and deception I've gained.

I'm a big fan of this rubber.
Friendship 729 Dr. Evil