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Dr.Neubauer Killer

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Pimple : short pimple
Rubber Spin : 80
Rubber Control : 94
Rubber Speed : 94
KILLER is an astonishing new development among offensive pimple-out rubbers. Actually it is a combination of short and medium pimpled rubbers that merges the best characteristics from both rubber types: KILLER provides very good attacking possibilities and is thus an outstanding choice for a modern pimple-out game close to the table. The rubber fulfills all necessary requirements for fast counter-attacking and strong hitting. The decisive factor is the disruptive effect obtained. The rubber is more disruptive than most other short pimple rubbers and produces a very low bounce. Control is excellent and enables the player to “feel” the ball at all times. All in all KILLER is hardly sensitive at all to oncoming rotation. With thin sponge (1.5mm) the rubber even enables to produce drop shots and chop-blocking against topspin. The rubber can also be used for a modern chopping and attacking game with great control. This makes KILLER a “must-have” for most short and halflong pimple players!

Customer Reviews

07/11/2014 Great Rubber Review by Bob Julius (Internal Audit)
not for noobs... it's difficult rubber....but it is like it's name... it's a KILLER MACHINE
19/10/2014 great Review by Mirza Dževlan
This product is excellent
24/09/2014 Superb Short Pips Review by bob
This is the best short pips i have ever used...
it has speed but also distruptive effect...
not for begineer... but when you've master it... your enemy will be killed soon hehehe
12/10/2013 Very deceptive attacking short pips Review by Papousek
Bought this for my forehand, 1.5 mm sponge version. I've been playing for years (club level), but am quite new to short pips. I block and "hit" on my forehand. I don't do much looping, so I decided to give myself this short pip and see how I go...
This rubber creates very strong disruptive effect, especially in passive is like a medium-pip in this regard... The ball can wobble mid-flight, landing completely "dead" or with reversed spin. When power blocking, it is quite predictable, the ball goes straight where intended, no surprises. It is very insensitive to incoming spin, but very sensitive to incoming speed. You won't have to worry about the spin, but when pushing, you'll have to be careful to judge the speed of the incoming ball and hence the rebound that it will create. Surprisingly, it is possible to serve quite a good spin with this. You won't get the same results as with inverted rubber, but it is decent, given how insensitive to spin this rubber behaves during blocks.
If you're willing to put in the effort and practice with this, then it is quite unique attacking and a very disruptive pip for the seasoned player. Not for a beginner though.

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Dr.Neubauer Killer