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DHS Tinarc 3 Mid Hard

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Spin and control oriented version from the TINARC rubber series. Better spin potential allows aggressive top-spins from middle distance and ensures control when playing short game or blocking. 2,0mm rubbers come with SOFT sponge and MAX thickness rubbers with MEDIUM HARD sponge.

Customer Reviews

24/01/2017 Nice Review by Andrey Chuvakov
Very good for BH!
05/08/2015 excellent product Review by Stoyan Stoyanov
My favorite forehand rubber. Good speed and spin - perfect for my game.
19/12/2014 Disappointing Review by Robert Stebbing
Compared to the Max sponge version the 2.0 mm with softer sponge version has low elasticity and plays quite slow on allround blades and average speed on fast blades. It is a basic controlled rubber and the 2.0 mm softer version is over priced and is perhaps why several retailers are now discounting this version significantly.
05/12/2014 Good spin rubber. Review by Elmo Salmela
This rubber has very good grip on spin rallies, it forgives some if you are little too early or late on your spin stroke. It isnt soft as other brand soft rubbers so it bounches little on chops. It is also quite heavy rubber. needs light blade to match with.

Speed: 8/10 (Really good speed for soft rubber.)
Spin: 9/10 (Good grib on strokes and also on serves.)
Control: 8/10 (good on spins/loops. Lacks little control on chops)
Overal feeling: 8.5/10. Good spin rubber. worth of trying.

I would recomment this rubber for young developping player with light offensive blade.
05/09/2014 Good price, excellent quality Review by Arnak Poghosyan
Gives rather spiny loops with much control. Maybe overpriced, but quality and feelings are excellent
05/09/2014 The sponge is brittle Review by Lipka
When I was cutting the rubber, I found the sponge to be brittle (crumbles into little pieces very easily). Other than that, nice rubber.
19/07/2014 Very Good! Review by Konstantin Gogin
Very Good!
DHS Tinarc 3 Mid Hard