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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

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pimple : pimple in
rubber spin : 97
rubber control : 50
rubber speed : 96
Unique combination of NEO sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber enables stable, high-speed attacks, maximising the striking potential for the player. It is recommended for an attacking strategy with high speed and low fast loop with strong spin. Sponge – Medium Hard. Strategy – OFF.

Customer Reviews

01/03/2017 good stuff Review by Alex
It is probably does not matter but it smells like **** when opened; the smell's gone after a few days; plays great (after treatment); FH
25/02/2017 BEST SERVICES BY TT11 Review by Ameeq Sohail
have a great product both in price and quality.
14/02/2017 Good Review by AlmotassimBellah Sammour
it's Good for loop, but not fast.
14/02/2017 Good Review by AlmotassimBellah Sammour
10/02/2017 FH Review by Radu Tuns
Develop a good speed, very effective at counter
26/01/2017 boa borracha Review by Pedro Cunha
bom efeito e controle
11/01/2017 Excellent! Review by bob Chen
This is a great product with a grat purchase experience!
23/12/2016 Below average rubber Review by Guo Lu
sticky and slow. Looping is good, but flat hit, blocking.... is bad. There is a reason this rubber is selling at this price.
19/12/2016 Great! Review by brian schyberg
Best rubber so far. Inexpensive and huge spin. What's not to like???
15/12/2016 very, Very good Review by Nilton Silva
Very good.
04/12/2016 nice rubber Review by Aung Kyaw Thu
nice rubber but need power.
29/11/2016 Chinese Attacking Rubber Review by ITTF2400
Excellent rubber for forehand spin and attack oriented players, not good for passive/defensive strokes.
10/11/2016 Good but not as good as i thought. Review by Parkash Rawat
It lost the tackiness within an hour of the play. While my friends have neo 3's stickiness still maintained after weeks. Though, good rubber for all the shots required. Recommended for close-to-table players.
29/08/2016 Great Product Review by Andre Colovati
Good Product. Great performance. Does its job specially considering drive and speed. Not much control for block. Good for those who plays close to the table.
20/07/2016 Not my type of rubber, but great price Review by PY
When I first tried it on my forehand, I could not learn to use it after about a month. I like using softer rubbers for the feeling and the touch. I had switched after a month. However, the price is great, and my friend likes it.
12/07/2016 Very good rubber Review by Lorenzo Goossens
This is a rubber of the kind "what you put into it, you get out of it". Needs good technique and rewards that. Great to learn good technique. Slight to medium tacky, rock hard but dead sponge. I ordered it in red, max.
09/06/2016 must have great legs and footwork. Review by khaldoun khader
- it grips the ball like a monkey grips a banana, it has good control, but if you put it on a fast carbon blade, then you will have to improve your technique greatly and use your footwork even more.
- its a rubber for a player that takes the physicality of the game very seriously.
- it allows the player to hit with confidence..
- it requires a lot of control from the player.
01/06/2016 La Mejor Goma para revés Review by Alex Campos
La goma se ajusta muy bien al revés es muy rapida y hace un arco excelente, tiene buen control, el precio es excelente.
11/04/2016 Cheap but good Review by Eric Tjokro
This is a cheap yet a good quality rubber, this rubber is suitable for loopers. This rubber works really nice as long as you get the strokes done correctly. The feeling of the rubber is soft when it hits the ball, you can feel it when the ball hits and I would say it is one of the rubbers that gives you the spin when serving the ball although it depends mostly on your strokes for service. In my opinion this rubber is best for mid-range table play.
10/03/2016 Once you learn to brush loop, you'll love it. Review by Patric Salo
This is my main FH rubber, simply because I find it can do it all for me. Loop, smash, touch, drive, chop and lob. And it's reasonably priced, which makes it a no-brainer.

I find that when I brush loop properly (still not quite consistent enough) people in my local club have big problems containing the spinny loop.
18/02/2016 The best rubber one can get with the least amount of money Review by andre Jasper
Dhs H3 neo is very good forehand rubber, on the backhand however it lacks a bit on the blocks and punches. With H3 neo one can do anything, from low spinny loop all the way to fast drives, though it is not very forgiving. Boosting is extremely recommended
12/02/2016 Great!! Review by Budiardhi Irwin Angriawinata
Best rubber I have ever used 'till now. Control is very good.
11/02/2016 spin oriented rubber Review by adam hiscock
I love it. Hard sponge and tacky topsheet makes for awesome blocks and nasty topspins. I find it easier to speed the game up and slow it down with these types of rubbers just takes a little more getting use to. Dont have the same feeling as a soft euro rubber. It also as a disadvantage in returning serves but if the basis of your game is topspin or just creating a spin this is a good choice. I also love the neo sponge its not so dead as other chinese rubbers
16/12/2015 Sticky and spinny Review by Achal Shah
This was tacky out of package. Not too tacky,but tacky enough and initially rubber felt hard and deadish.
After playing it with some time, rubber performs better. Though its appearance from black and glossy finish was turned into dull black, but played same.
Now game play details.
Spin and serves are awesome. Ball never goes out of table in second bounce whatever power you apply into spin. Meaning serves are excellent.
Close table
Chops great, and also flicks are good. But you need to get into position early enough to get good contact. Topspin is great,opening is best.
Counter is slow compare to tensors or japanese sponge,but the ball lands table if your shots are good, and for me that is enough as I like to play topspins more.
Mid distance- power has to be applied, if the blade is dwelly, it would have been good. Since I use yeo, not that much dwell.
Its Chinese rubber and good quality one.
Thanks tt11 for quick delivery. Loved the way you responded to mails. Service is top notch. Hope you keep serving us like this!
07/12/2015 quality service Review by Grant Miller
Many people have said it better than I could. great rubber! Quality service at a good price:
01/12/2015 good Review by voice83
nice rubber with good price thx tt11
16/11/2015 great Review by Barbalata Lorin Constantin
100% original

Great site
12/11/2015 Best DHS rubber every placed with :) Review by Ganesa Murthy
Good enough speed, control.. Spin is a killer. Serves are very effective. Unlike chinese rubbers, This is not heavy, u will not regret. Go for it
28/10/2015 The Best Review by Steve
This can do it all. Forehand or backhand, it inspires confidence and can take you from beginner to #1 in the world.
27/10/2015 good rubber that needs good technique Review by Anonymous15
This rubber will reward when played with good and physical technique due to its tacky slow speed characteristic. It is light rubber and well made for the price.
02/10/2015 very good product Review by javier delgado
very good rubber, i little bit slow like all chinese rubbers but with some technique adjustments plays very very well, a lot of spin a control.
23/06/2015 first time Review by Andrew W S Chau
not use yet, only got it, because I trusted the other review
18/05/2015 Einfach ein klasse Ding Review by Aaron Schart
Wie gesagt, einfach top der Belag. Vor allem super Preis/Leistung. Kann man nur weiter empfehlen
29/04/2015 good Review by Nghia Nguyen
very good rubber
23/04/2015 Average rubber with a good price Review by Harit Aggarwal
DHS Hurricane is there for quite some time and it is still a preferred rubber if you do not want to spend too much. With good discounts on this site, deal becomes even sweeter.
21/12/2014 Great stuff Review by Wenbin Ji
It is a hard rubber but not difficult to control. The speed and power is great. High throw angle makes it quite easy for looping. The tackiness is not as good as all other H3 products but still enough. Highly recommended.
25/09/2014 Good - but smelly? Review by Hyunseung Lee
Like most Chinese rubbers are known for, DHS Hurrican 3 NEO is no exception. It smelled like rotten fish for a while but the smell faded after a month.
07/09/2014 4/5 Review by Andrija Kostic
Less tacky than i though it will be :) But good rubber overall!!
05/09/2014 Excellent quality and price Review by Arnak Poghosyan
I am trying this rubber for my BH. It gives excellent spiny loops with rather good control.
03/09/2014 i will stick to it Review by Boris Salaj
Spin and control are excellent and it is reasonably priced. It is extermly tacky. I had no trouble to adjust my style to possibility that this rubber have...only downthing is that it smells like hell..
18/08/2014 Good Review by Dan
Good attacking rubber, especially for FH
07/08/2014 great product! Review by Robin Zerpa
great product!
31/07/2014 Good But Slow Review by K Hanson
Great value rubber, lots of spin. Used 2.2mm sponge and it is very slow! Wish I had bought a faster rubber
11/06/2014 Good Review by Anderson Sampaio
Very hard sponge and tack, high Throw Angle, the control is good but you need to have good skills to use that.
26/05/2014 Good Review by Anderson Sampaio
This rubber is a bit slow, if you like fast rubbers, avoid it, but the spin is crazy, with a high throw angle. Very good yo to play next to table and block.
23/04/2014 DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Review by Urmas
DHS Hurricane 3 NEO; On mõeldud pool kiire rünnakuks. Kummil on hea kontroll ja spin. Saab mängida ründe ja kaitse versiooni. Soovitan OFF+ alusele, muidu jääb kumm liiga tuimaks.
29/03/2014 Nice control on spin and drive Review by Joel Tinquico
Good for control and attack rubber.....used it with yasaka blade.
03/02/2014 good fore hand rubber Review by surya vidyadhar donthamsetti
my top spin is going vry good, loops-- slow loop and more spin the opponent cant estimate our loops easily so its difficult to block our loops
rubber physical status-- hard sponge,heavy weight rubber and sticky

if u game is slow it"ll slow speed, if hit hardly it,ll release more speed because it is hard sponge...

15/01/2014 Great Product Review by Alex
Use This rubber together with Falcon, Powerful rubber
14/01/2014 good Review by surya vidyadhar donthamsetti
good ruber but dont us for donic black devil
31/12/2013 excellent Review by Galina Tolstaya
FH Hurricane 3 NEO+BH Skyline 2 NEO= DHS (DOUBLE HAPPINESS).

Good spin, medium hard, high wear resistance.
03/12/2013 need to play with it alot for softness~~ Review by Chris Yeongwon
Very good rubber, i use red hurricane for forehand and tenergy 64 for backhand. it's quite hard when you get it out of the packaging but if you play with it time to time, it'll get softer like tenergy 64
12/09/2013 Attack Review by Edwin Truong
I use this for forehand and its pretty decent for its price. Again its entry level so once you get used to this you may want to upgrade to provincial or national, which isn't easy to acquire.
26/08/2013 Great rubber Review by des ryan
See my previous review!
Black and red are the same
26/08/2013 Excellent rubber in the right hands. Review by des ryan
Firstly,what a wonderful aroma that greets your nose when you open it first.!!
It has an amazing amount of tack,which aids control against any heavy spin,
in my opinion the sponge is softer than Hurricane 3.This adds to the overall feel,which we all desire.
It is the most tremendous rubber I have used in service and once you get used to it,your arsenal is almost complete.
It is not the fastest rubber on the market,but you can pick your spot,and improve your timing and technique.
Practice well and you will see why Wang Liqin is involved with DHS.
24/07/2013 Very Good Review by FABIO DE SOUZA MARTINS
Fast and effect.
04/07/2013 best price/spin and price/speed Review by Vasily Konoplyanikov
Best from not expensive rubbers for forehand
20/06/2013 DHS Review by RAMESH JAYARAMAN
Its quite tacky. This is my first experience of Chinese Rubbers. Not sure of the performance as of now.
16/06/2013 Quality Review by Mohamed I Amod
Quality for the money you pay. Just smells strange.
13/06/2013 Fantastic Rubber Review by PRAMOD PANDEY
Rubber is takes sometime to get used to it..i am using this on my backhand..specially good for players who plays from Mid distance..
05/06/2013 Excellent Review by Robson
Excellent Speed
Excellent Spin

both to FH
30/05/2013 Good and value for money Review by Annonymous
Good and value for money
16/05/2013 excellent Review by Ivica Petkovic
Very good rubber
01/05/2013 Slovenija Review by janez gruden
nice rubber
18/04/2013 Great rubber Review by Ivica Petkovic
I have blade Tibhar light contact IV and this rubber is very good for spin, spin on spin and blocks. Control is good. I m satisfied with this rubber but for me its better on backend and on forhend I use T energy 05 and its the best for my style of playing. It is impression after 7 trainings.
10/04/2013 excellent service Review by s miah
good chinese rubber, good for close and mid distance topspin play.
28/03/2013 avg, Review by DEEPAK SHARMA
price & Quality good
15/03/2013 Amazing rubber! Review by Tom Vertommen
I use this on my forehand; I tried a bunch of rubbers and this is the first that allows me to topspin with full power without making the ball go over the table. I think it's cause of the hardness(it's a hard rubber) and the tackiness of the rubber. It's not that expensive; every topsin forehand attacker should give this a try; it even allows for a controlled short game also.
05/03/2013 great blade Review by Albertino Alves
i am a great Yasaka fan and when i was looking for a new blade to match a pair of Hurricanes neo 3 i saw the great price at TT11 .
But some reviews i saw were a bit concerned about the blade control.
Let me tell you that this blade as a great handle (FL ) and combined with rubbers with good control works fantastic , a bit to the heavy side but you get used to it.
With this and the Hurricanes i can block heavy top spins very, very close to the table.
Comparing with my old Stiga Allround Classic you felt is more rigid and the wood does not vibrate as it used to with my Stiga

Great product , great price
05/03/2013 brand new rubbers Review by Albertino Alves
i just bought 2 neo (red and black) 2.2mm , and a yasaka max wood blade.

wonderfull work very professional from TT11 in assembling and cutting the rubbers (fast delivery also by the way ,i live in Portugal)

the first impression after 6 hours training is very good.Great control as it blocks very nice and attack near and far from table is easy.What it remains in my mind is that i felt very confident playing with it.The serves are powerfull with lots of spinning.This are great allrounders and you maybe not get the speed that some tensors have but stiil enough to smash and loop well.Agian a great sense of control (backhand and forehand)

thanks TT11 for the advice
26/02/2013 Reactive but good Review by Vaibhav Seth
Surface is tacky but if you play in a dusty place the rubber will lose a lot of its tackiness in an hour's play. However, it will still be tacky enough.

This rubber is very reactive to incoming spin. So if you receive a quick return that also has some side spin and you just try to block it then there is lesser chance that the ball lands on the other side. To get it right you need to take control of the incoming spin and try impart some of your own. Control otherwise is good. Needless to say that this rubber is spinny and tackiness allows you to impart spin even with slightly less fast shots.

I used DHS Power G7 (PG7) with this rubber. I'd say that my setup turned out to be slower because of the flexibility it had. Going for a blade which is not as flexible as PG7 might prove to be better.
DHS Hurricane 3 Neo