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DHS Hurricane 2 Neo

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Rubber type : inverted
Hurricane NEO 2 with Neo sponge breaks the limits of water based glue. This rubber has the famous power and control of classical Hurricane 2 and does not require a special tuning. It is recommended for varied fast loop attacks with low ball trajectory. Sponge – Hard. Strategy – OFF.

Customer Reviews

27/09/2018 Low arching, decent spin, good speed Review by Andre Young
In my opinion, it's not as tacky as the Hurricane 3 or Neo, but it has got some really decent spin and low arching as well. Good speed as well which I feel like is faster than the Neo Hurricane 3.
13/06/2018 Better than H3 Review by Levent
It is a very big question for me why people are much more interested in H3. This one is definetely faster. The spin is in same niveau. But the trajectory is lower ( which I prefer).
20/04/2017 Buena goma Review by Renzo Vizcarra Gutierrez
Esta goma es buena, tiene bastante spin
07/12/2016 Hard Rubber with great control Review by Sharang Bhagdikar
Expect a hard, tacky surface with great blocking/chopping abilities. Ideal for those who employ short jabs in their game.
01/12/2015 my choic Review by voice83
i play with it on yinhe y13 forhand in thd first time u feel it is slow but after 10 to 15 hours u can't chang this rubber speed increase decrease tacknees very spinny top sheet ,highly recommend
21/10/2015 Very Fast Rubber with good control Review by Viran
Very Fast rubber with hard sponge and tacky surface. Similar to DHS H2, but clearly a step up in performance, and well worth the extra cost. Very quick & direct response, minimal dwell time, but still produces good spin. Gives full range of shots from controlled short drop shots over the table, fast spin drives close to the table, and power loops from further away. Also good for blocking and chopping.
07/08/2015 Great for those who appreciate Review by Lightz
My favourite rubber so sometime now. Low throw with extraordinary spin. Needs a little boosting though, not recommended for beginners, you'll need to hit the ball with good swing to be able to control this rubber. Recommended for intermediate players who prefers low throw and hard-sponged rubbers.
DHS Hurricane 2 Neo