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Avalox Blue Thunder 777

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number of layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 89
type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.0
The BLUE THUNDER 777. As the 7-ply model of its original line, this is a relatively light, yet extremely fast blade. Additional touch was added to those charasteristics, as well as a slight weight reduction. All Avalox Blue Thunder blades come pre-coated to avoid wood fiber loss when reglueing. The blade is made in Sweden. The Chinese National Team first took delivery of these blades in December of 1997 and gradually most of its players are switching to Blue Thunder. Now these blades are available to a few distributors around the world as well.

Customer Reviews

21/03/2017 difficult 2 say Review by Yao Li
I used this for a few months, beat players higher ranking than me. It has a overall high performance indeed, return the ball with precision as all Avalox blades do. Its dwell time is longer than most of other blades, only i think shorter than the classic P500. Less power than P900 but more spin, sometimes I feel lack of power in BH but it could becoz of long time use and in need of regluing. In retrospect, It s very difficult to define its character, I loved it and I sad on it. I once thought it is perfect improvement of P500 given more speed while maintain control and dwell time, but sometimes it feels not as much ideal for 40+ balls comparing with P900.
02/10/2014 Excellent Review by JAEWON JEONG
Excellent blade. Good control, Clear hittign sound, Fast ball return
29/06/2014 老货中也有惊喜!VERY GOOD! Review by WEI
非常好的薄7层板,厚度约为6.2MM。我和店家要求给我一片90克的底板,店家选好符合我要求的板子给我寄来,重量真的是90克! 赞!!!!!!!!!!!

24/04/2014 good Review by davorin
good but a bit too stiff for my taste
11/04/2013 superb Review by Salih DAGKOY
fast and gives control over the ball
Avalox Blue Thunder 777