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Armstrong Rubber Protection


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Double side protection (pocket).

Customer Reviews

10/08/2017 Good Deal for its Price Review by Archfil
It does the job. Nothing more, nothing less
13/07/2017 ok and cheap Review by georgios skolidis
does the job
13/07/2017 Buen precio Review by ABRAHAM GENARO FLORES ACEVEDO
Cubren perfectamente a mis bebes y a un buen precio.
19/05/2017 Great item. Review by Orlando Glamuzina
Great cover, long lasting sheet....
01/04/2017 a must Review by Mel Dato
really helps in maintaining the quality and performance of your rubber sheets. this product is a very safe and inexpensive way of doing so. if necessary, cut it at the seams and customize them to fit exactly right shape which also helps in fitting into any case. clean your sheets first before applying.
01/02/2017 can be use for a racket case Review by Kin Wong
It is more like a simple case for your racket. It works better for tacky rubbers because the rubber would stick to the plastic protector.
14/01/2017 Acceptable Review by Alexey Kochetkov
I did not like. I thought this a protective film on the pad, and the film turned out to be case. If it is put on the racket, the cover does not fit. Use as a single case, it will not provide adequate protection. I think this product bezspoleznym for themselves.
Armstrong Rubber Protection