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Andro Treiber Z Off

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.6
Z-fiber! Harmonizing soft impact & hard gaming! By introducing Treiber Z andro completes the Treiber series by adding a new unique high-class blade with a built-in artificial fiber. Make your own experiences and feel the soft impact harmonizing with the hardness and the stability provided by the Z-fibre. Extraordinary ball-feeling for playing solid and constant blocks or to let off dangerous spin-monsters on your opponent. Best possible balance and special top-heaviness enable you to bring the ball to its target easily. A real multi-talent!

Customer Reviews

06/12/2018 Treibertaztic Review by Ruben Kvamme
I bought this blade after hearing it had one of the best speed to control ratios.
Something I really agree with, this blade also has the biggest amount of gears that I've ever tried (touch shots going a bit short and hard shots going a bit far at the adjustment phase, coming from DHS HH3) Therefore it might need some time of adjustment, but very deadly when gotten used to.
Apart from attacking, this blade is also great for chopping with a med or med-soft rubber (Acuda blue p2 in my case) Which is something I really liked with this blade, its gear is making it the most suited for the all-round attacking game with a wide variety of effective strokes. (including defensive shots like chop block, lob and snake)
Check out Stéphane Ouaiche for some amazing plays with this blade!
09/07/2018 good Review by Chanthy Luy
the blade is light and good feedback and control. I like the most is it has a narrow neck that allow me to rotate the blade more when I hit in back hand
14/06/2018 Good blade build in precious workmanship Review by Hon Kau Ip
This is a very well balance good blade. It is easy to adopt and no need to take time. Beautiful precious workmanship. It construct in thick core mordern way Worth to own it. I consider to buy a spare one.
06/06/2018 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
80.3 г 157х150х7.0 мм идеально ровная лопасть. Немного смутил вес 88 и 80 г довольно большая разница, но все обошлось. Основание быстрое , средне жесткое , широкая игровая зона , высокий контроль .Мягкую резину не любит, слишком легко пробивается. В ручке , судя по звуку, присутствуют пустоты, но общую картину это не портит. в общем: добротное и приятное в игре основание с прекрасным контролем при правильном подброе резины.
02/06/2018 A Wonderful Blade Review by Koon Eng Lim
After playing for a month (once a week), I am pleased to convince myself that this has been my best blade of all that I have owned. One of the old butterfly blade that I owned cost a lot more but I think Treiber Z Off could perform better. I pair the Treiber with Xiom Omega Euro V11 on my FH and Donic Bluefire JP01 on my BH. The control is extremely good. The speed and spin is also wonderful during looping and smashing.

I do not regret to buy this blade. I am certain that I would play it for a long time.

Joe Lim
31/05/2018 Very good Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
13/03/2018 Good Hinoki Carbon Review by Tony
High quality blade. Soft feeling comes from Hinoki wood. Medium to high throw blade.
02/03/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Typical hinoki carbon blade. Good weight. Good finish and feeling.

The only downside is price.
28/02/2018 Fantastic blade Review by Darko Cefera
Tried many blades, and I genuinely can't find a better one. Hard to describe it in just a few words ... simply, amazing. Great feeling and control, fast, very well balanced, fantastic blade.
07/02/2018 Love it! Review by Zothan Mawia
Please note that I'm just an amateur player. This is my second blade after the very lightweight Yinhe t11+, the Andro Treiber Z feels a bit heavy in my hands in the beginning. Paired it with Andro Rasant Powergrip and Rakza 7. But after a month, I get accustomed to the additional weight. The feeling is much better, greater control in short game compared to my previous blade. I've improved my service game with lots of spin. Drive and loops are good and smashing is wonderful. I love it. Thanks to
01/02/2018 Отлично. Review by NIKOLAY MIKHAYLOV
Очень хорошее основание, стоит своих денег 100% У него есть и чувство меча и контроль и скорость! А так же позволяет делать топс с хорошим вращением и большой точностью!!!
19/09/2017 Well balance and Excellent Craftsmanship Review by Brian Li
High quality Germany blade. It has huge sweet spot. Even it is a fiber blade but the weight is close to to a pure wooden blade and the wt. is well balance and well distributed. The blade is not very fast and easy to control. I will rate it as -OFF. I match it with Tibhar EL-S as my FH and Andro Rasant Beat as my BH. You won't be wrong to get this amazing blade.
14/09/2017 Excellent Blade! Review by Yuri Onufriychuk
I like it, I have two of those with MX-P on fore-hand and Rasant Grip on Back-hand. this time bought it for my coach, who after trying main, fell in love with this blade!
20/07/2017 Fast Review by Ed Leung
Not sure how much is attributed to the rubbers that I'm using, Nittaku Fastarc G1 on forehand and Tibhar Evolution MX-P on backhand. It's my first custom racket. I find it fairly fast. Blocking close to table and smashing from mid distance was very good.
23/04/2017 Pretty fast. Review by Kujack87
It's a good blade and fast but you must be accurate with your angle or you will suffer a hard smash from your opponents. Blocking, counter ts and pushing are pretty good. Not a perfect blade but playable.
11/04/2017 Good blade but... Review by Michele Falconi
Good blade , well balanced for an off+ .
The flore handle is large at the end more than other flore blades handles so it's very comfortable .
This blade quotation is usually very high also for control but I think it lacks some and it is overrated .
Price compared to quality is very good .
11/04/2017 My dream.... Review by Vadim Lebedev
Perfect blade!!!
02/04/2017 ok Review by MARK
15/03/2017 Excellent for control and mid distance play Review by Mudit Tewari
The blade is very predictable. Excellent for loops and razed sharp precision. It has a great sweet spot. Its on the heavier side.
06/01/2017 Ok Review by Andrey Shmakov
Not as good as expected probably becourse of straight handle.
05/01/2017 Very good Review by Coen Slaughter
Not a bad blade, low / direct throw angle. Thick blade on slow shots it's abit passive but on fast shots packs a punch. Just my opinion.
03/01/2017 Do it all blade with great control. Review by Shawn Chang
Mine is a very comfortable anatomic handle with good quality and weighs 90g & measured 6.8mm thick. It's one of the thickest 7-ply composite blades excluding balsa cores. Has a thin top layer of kiso hinoki. Manufacturer did not specify exactly what the "Z fiber" is. Some said it's zylon, but the feeling I get is more like ALC or fiberglass. It has a very mild, crispy feel with very little vibration. I have FH Nittaku S1(2.0B) + BH MarkV HPS (2.0R)=178.5g; Well matching rubber combo. Had Razka 7 on backhand didn't play as well but changed to Mark V HPS and like it much better. It's pretty fast but not as fast as Strato which is not a bad thing. Strato also produce more spin and loops better. However, this blade has superior control especially in short game, push/chop, short serves, blocking & flat hitting. You can play both defensively or offensively. This is a blade that can do all tricks. I've been using it for 2 weeks & I find my game is better using this blade. Here is my rating: Speed=9.3; Control=9.5; Sweatspot=huge; Stiffness=8(thick 7 ply); Hardness=5; Feel=great(very mild but clear); Balance=average; Spin=8.5; Short Game=very good; Mid game=good; Flicks=easy; Push/Chop=excellent; Loop=good; Flat hit/Block/Punch=excellent; Serves=good; Throw=med low; Dwell=short; Consistency=10; Overall=9.6
28/12/2016 Excellent offensive blade with a lot of feeling Review by Milan Petricevic
I love this blade, as it is a rare commodity - offensive blade with a lot of control.
Great for attacking - and also great for blocking. And it didn't cost an arm and the leg like Butterfly blades.
Great blade and great price.
09/08/2016 wonderful 完美! Review by LUO YICHI
易于制造旋转,底劲充足,力量大,但是由于是桧木面材,持球又很好,建议正手硬弹套胶,反手软弹套胶。however,not recommend for DHS H3!
08/06/2016 Great blade ! Review by Sorin Agache
Very good blade !!!
31/12/2015 Excelente madero!! Review by Andrés Sepúlveda
Yo compré con mango recto, es muy comodo para mi mano. Viene levemente lijado en los border de manera que no daña entre los dedos. Es muy rapido pero a la ves tiene mucho control. Tiene un tamaño optimo, con mi paleta anterior muchas veces golpeaba con el borde, sin embargo con este madero aun no me ha ocurrido. Con gomas de 2.2 se siente un poco pesado en la cabeza pero creo que es normal para una paleta de 7 capas.

Gracias Tabletennis11 por al rapidez del envío y la calidad de los productos!!!
25/06/2015 Great blade with good price Review by tri wahyudi
I love this blade, the speed and control also increasing my game play..
this is like an european car...
not for japanese car lover..
25/04/2015 good Review by jie zheng
this product have a low price and good quality,It is worth to buy
07/12/2014 Good One Review by Y I
Very good blade, fast, maybe even clother to OFF+, but controllable.
03/09/2014 Awesome Blade Review by Pratap
Best blade from andro till date. Best ball feeling
Andro Treiber Z Off