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Andro Rasanter R50

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The hardest and most powerful rubber of the Rasanter series. R50, despite having a hard sponge, can still produce high levels of spin without letting its speed interfere. Due to its hard nature, this rubber excels at brushing strokes. Though fast, especially on higher end strokes, it is not inherently bouncy relatively speaking allowing the necessary dwell time to stroke with power. Ultimately, this is a rubber for advanced level play.

Customer Reviews

16/03/2018 Good Review by jahwi ku
Best rubber for me .front rubber
10/01/2018 Great speed and spin Review by Antonio OliverBozeman
Very nice rubber I can do many spins and when I need the power it’s got it I love it. The control on this rubber is great for pushes and off table play. Great rubber for medium players.
Andro Rasanter R50