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Andro Rasanter R47

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The most popular choice among the Rasanter family, R47 offers power, speed, spin, and comfort on all attacking strokes. Though not 50 degrees like the R50, the R47 is still plenty hard at 47 degrees and has a bit of bounce with high level speed and a medium throw angle. The package this rubber offers is catered to attacking players who seek to maintain power at all distances. High level players will be able to take advantage of what this rubber can do.

Customer Reviews

05/06/2018 Great all-rounder Review by K TRAN
Had this rubber for a month now, bought it based on friends recommendations and after reading the reviews on line, can't do anything wrong with it, perfect for me.
13/03/2018 Excellent quality Review by Tony Mattucci
Similar to Tenergy 05, but at half the cost. Can't go wrong with this great rubber.
13/03/2018 Excellent quality Review by Tony Mattucci
Cheaper alternative, although comparable to the Tenergy 05.
23/02/2018 Fast offensive rubber Review by Patrick Kooreman
Having used over more then 80 different rubbers (yes, it was an expensive search), I ended up using the R47 for more then 8 months now. The control, spin and blocking capabilities come to its full potential when paired with a stiff blade. Only in the short game, the ball tends to jump up too high.
23/01/2018 Light, but good. Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
It is light and has a good amount of spin and control.
12/12/2017 Very good rubber Review by Gary S.
It has good control and speed by using the forehand of my Stiga Artic wood blade.
29/11/2017 Fast Review by Reiziger
Using R47 2.0mm on FH with an all-wood blade, combination is plenty fast enough. Not super durable, slightly frayed at the edges after only 2months play. not great for short strokes like pushes or flips. Serves aren't too spinny, fairly decent for blocks.

However rubber really comes into its own with a fuller stroke action, its great for looping, both in counter topspin rallies or lifting backspin. Smashes and drives are great.
21/11/2017 Demadiado dura Review by jorge aranciaga
En prueba para mi juego ...mitecnica y sensibilidad...demasiado dura
21/11/2017 Innovative Rubber Review by Michael
Some rubber have more power others have more spin than power. This is not perfect but this rubber has a great balance of speed and spin. Its emphasis is geared towards more spin than speed. But it's far from being slow. I play with a fast offensive blade. I have played with this rubber (2.3) for months now even played with it in tournaments and I love it for serving, counter-looping, looping, chopping, and blocking! This only issue I have with it, I wish it had slightly more power.
01/11/2017 Very good offensive rubber Review by Vergil Datu
Speed is awesome and spin is strong.
31/10/2017 Nice Rubber Review by Andrew Cadiz
Very fast rubber with a nice control! But, I think my style is not really suitable for this, that's why I am ordering the r42 and r37 for me try. I'd recommend this rubber for mode advanced and high level players.

I've ordered another set of R version, the R42 and R37. Hope it suits me.
Overall, awesome rubber! Well done Andro.

01/10/2017 R47 vs rasant power grip vs tenergy 05 Review by Mark Szczepanski
I had a chance to play with these three rubbers in the past four years and as a 2200 player I have progressed from tenergy to R47.
When I started with tenergy 05 its performance was an explosion compared to the chineese rubber I was using before - no further explanation required. I am based in the US and a few years ago I had a chance to play on a regular basis with a player from Europe that was sponsored by Andro. After that I tried Adro Powergrip and never looked back at T05.
Reasons? - Powergrip less bouncy making the game over the table more controllable. Second the spin with the proper strokes and serves was more spinny as immediately commented by other members in our club. Third most important to me is that t05 rand out of power on hard and fast power loops. Powergrip would not bottom out as easy and only add the spin and speed in the high ranges of power play. I must say that for a lower level player T05 might be more suited since it would do the work for you on slopy strokes.

Now R47 plusses:
- Does not run out of power in high gears
- Similar speed to Powergrip (Similar to T05 in the slower end of play)
- Biggest improvement over PG is that it restored the arc on my loops that was lost by using the flat flying G40+ butterfly balls.

Only negative about the R47 is that some of the bounciness that I really hated in the T05 showed up again but not as bad.
19/09/2017 Excellent Review by James Thompson
Excellent product highly recommend. Just be cognizant to clean the rubber thoroughly after each session. Do not allow any particulates to settle on the rubber over night or the rubber will absorb that impurity.
14/09/2017 good,not outstanding Review by Gabor
i use it on petr korbel blade, both's a good rubber but nothing special that i can say about it .i'm using mostly xiom's vega pro on several blades,all wood & carbon/zylon ones, including the korbel and i can't feel the difference between the vega pro & this one,maybe it is my problem but this how i feel for now-after one month (about 25 hours of play).i use the ultramax on forehand and 2mm on the backhand,
kudos to tt11 for the very fast delivery!
14/09/2017 muy rápida Review by mario andres mancilla murinigo
demasiado rápida para mi revés, me cuesta acostumbrarme...
09/09/2017 Just what I wanted Review by Ivan Kopcanski
I was using Andro Rasant for years, and Rasanter47 is exactly a fine tuned upgrade I needed for a bit faster blade I have now.
16/08/2017 Стоит попробовать Review by Dmitriy Gorbenko
Брал в толщине 2,3 и 2,0 . Максималка ориентирована на вращение , вращать легко любые мячи , катапульта приличная , отсюда минус - осложнена промежуточная игра и защита блоками требует привыкания.Игровое пятно образовывается достаточно быстро , трудно сказать влияет ли это на износ .Но на игрока влияет это точно и кажется что резину пора уже менять. 2,3 вращает сильно на слабых и средних движениях руки , при резком усилении возможны срывы мяча. Для силовиков рекомендовал бы резины с меньшим выбросом. , У 2,0 все закономерно - увеличение контроля и падение скорости и вращения - значительное улучшение плоской игры. По долговечности - вопрос сугубо индивидуальный ,сам меняю резины через 60-70 игровых часов ,кому-то хватает на годы. Пятно у нее появляется раньше чем обычно но потерю каких-то качеств в указанном временном диапазоне не заметил.
12/08/2017 Best rubber 2017 Review by Kestutis Stasiulis
Top spin and serve is brilliant speed and control:) Thanks.
01/08/2017 Like it Review by BO WANG
Deliver in 2 days.good quality
23/07/2017 Speed \Demon Review by Xray
if you like balls flying really FAST. then get this rubber.
21/07/2017 Excellent rubber Review by Raul Bernales
I'm only a recreational player but trying to improve my skills. Using an Off- blade. I replaced my Andro Beat to R47, as I think I needed a faster blade on my FH now a days. I immediately felt the difference. The spin that I can generate, if my timing is right, is definitely way better and faster. Can't wait to replace my Andro Powergrip to R50.
15/05/2017 Speed, Spin, and Control Review by WW
I am using the 2.0 version of the rubber for both the forehand and backhand on a Tibhar Stratus Powerwood blade. I was an equipment junkie for a long time finding a rubber to satisfy the speed, spin, and control that I was looking for. This rubber has the perfect combination of speed, spin, and control for the entire palette of strokes and techniques. This rubber has all the gears you need to execute finesse touch shots with only using the topsheet, and the power you need to play monster loops from back away from the table. Blocks are effortless and the rubber plays very linearly. The feedback I get from the rubber is great. I am very pleased with the durability after using the rubber for about 60 hours in 2 months for both matches and multiball practices.
Andro Rasanter R47